Your 20s: Your Selfish Years

“Your 20’s are your ‘selfish’ years. It’s a decade to immerse yourself in every single thing possible. Be selfish with your time, and all the aspects of you. Tinker with sh*t, travel, explore, love a lot, love a little, and never touch the ground.”
― Kyoko Escamilla

Okay Tiarra it is time to make a decision. What will my family think? Pray on it. What will my coach think? Make a pro con list. Will I still keep my friends? You cannot let them down. Am I burning bridges with people who gave me amazing opportunities?  Ask your mentor for advice. Who are you letting down? Your mother did not raise you to be a quitter. Finish out your commitment.

My entire thought process was revolved about what was best for everyone else, but I was forgetting one very important person…myself. What was going to make Tiarra happy?

Sometimes it takes saying goodbye, to a sport that helped mold you into the person you are today to realize the value in being selfish during your 20s.  A sport that has taught you how to persevere through tough times. A sport that has taught you the importance of integrity. A sport that has given you life long friendships.


I hope that this post will provide a golden nugget for everyone! To the millennials who are often labeled as entitled. For the selfless person who constantly puts others before yourself. And to the selfish person who is just trying to do what is best for you; keep reading!

Why It Is Alright to be Selfish During Your 20s:

You Have the Rest of Your Life to Live For Others

Right now, we are young. This is the time to do solely what is best for you. Your 40-year-old self driving a mini van (I refuse to ever whip a van, but I digress)  filled with kids will thank you. You do not have to compromise for anyone or anything right now. Do you, boo!

Be Selfless and Selfish

Find the perfect balance. Put yourself first while still being kind to others.

Your True Friends/Family Will Always Support You

These are not the years to worry about what everyone else thinks. Contrary to popular belief, you are fully capable of making the best decision for you. Respect your friends opinions but do not let them make your decisions. At the end of the day your true friends will support you when you make the right decisions for your happiness. To the people who do not support your decisions, kill ’em with kindness!

You Cannot Pour From an Empty Cup

If your cup is empty, you cannot pour from it. Take care of yourself first so you are able to then take care of others.

Trust the Process

Everything is changing right now, trust it. There is something so scary yet so amazing about limitless possibilities. Whatever is meant to be will always be.


To cheer my first true love, this is not goodbye just see you later.




Valentine’s Day for the Broke College Student

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner! You do not have to break the bank to show your significant other that you love them. Get creative this holiday. My boyfriend and I are celebrating our first V day so I’ve been tapping in to my creative tank. Now before I continue… David if you are reading this, stop! No seriously stop reading, you shall see on Sunday! Okay now where were we?

This Valentine’s Day I decided to get creative in showing my boyfriend that I care instead of dishing out a bunch of money.

Here are some low cost things you can do this V Day while still ensuring your significant other that you care:

50 Things I Love About You Jar


Coupon Book

Coupon Book

DIY coupon books are a way to get fun and creative. If your significant other goes to a different school this can be a great way to throw in coupons for visiting your boo’s school! Here are the coupons I used, but of course feel free  personalize them to fit your relationship.




Make His or Her Favorite Dinner

It can get pretty crowded in college towns on this weekend. Try making your loved ones favorite meal, instead!

Put the Phones Away!

I challenge you to put the phones away this Valentine’s Day. The best gift you can give your significant other is your full divided attention without aimlessly  scrolling through social media. Turn your phone to “do not disturb,” this way if there is an emergency the person will most likely call back twice and you will still be able to answer.


So there you have it folks, it does not take breaking the bank to show your loved one that you care!


What are your plans for Valentine’s Day?


Ta Ta for now!

5 Tips to Avoid the “Sophomore Slump”


Back in the day, 1987 to be exact,Lemons and Richmond, defined the sophomore slump as a “period of developmental confusion.” But here we are in 2016, and I think this definition could use a face lift.

Sophomore Slump: a brief duration on the struggle bus.

Characteristics include but are not limited to:

  • the desire to form and establish your true identity
  • facing the hard decision in just 10 seconds of watching another netflix episode or actually starting homework
  • questioning if you chose the right major or not
  • feeling like you’re approaching a quarter life crisis early

Have no fear my fellow sophomores, this slump can in fact be cured. I have compiled a list of tips to avoid the “Sophomore Slump”

Get organized.

I know this one probably seems like a no brainer, but part of the confusion or being overwhelmed could stem from being disorganized. Find an organizational method that works for you and stick with it.  Crossing things off my to do list is one of my top 5 things to do, for sure. For me I am a to do list kind of gal. In my planner one side has my schedule of the day and the other is a to do list. Although that is not the only way to help you stay organized. Click here to aid  you in figuring out what planner may be the best fit for you.

Do not compare yourself to others. Sophomore Slump

Use this year to focus solely on yourself and your progress. It does not matter what your roommate or best friend is accomplishing. Be happy for them but do not compete with them. The only person you are responsible for being better is the person you were last semester. At the end of the day it does not matter what the next person is doing! Track your own individual progress and be sure to remember to celebrate small victories. Slow progress is always progress, nevertheless.

Pursue a new hobby.

I was once told to find three hobbies you love:  one to make you money, one to keep you in shape, and one to be creative. Do not be afraid to explore. Try that yoga class you have been putting off. Maybe instead of partying one weekend, you stay in and have a craft night with your friends. These new hobbies should act as a stress reliever for you and help you to figure out what you enjoy.

Do not be afraid to make new friends.

By now you may or may not have found “your people.” Have an open mind and heart to establishing new relationships with people. You never know what beautiful souls you could be missing out on unless your open to the idea of meeting new people.


Are there any classes, clubs, commitments, or people who are completely toxic?  Use this year to reevaluate your major, friends, and attitude. You have three semesters under your belt right now so you have some idea of what works and does not work. If you tried something new and you are no longer passionate about it, it is ay okay to stop.


What are some things you do to avoid the “sophomore slump?”

Hope these tips were helpful. Stay focused sophomores, we are almost at the half way point of our college careers!

Ta Ta for now

Hello 2016: Set Goals Not Resolutions

Hello beautiful people!

 Crazy to think that we are already at the last day of the year, right?

The idea of starting fresh and the endless possibilities a new year can bring has always been exciting to me. But, before jumping into the new year it is important to reflect back on the year you just had. So take a moment think of how your 2015 was… No really take a moment! What are the moments that really stand out? What are the highs and the lows? Before making outrageous resolutions take time to really reflect on what areas in your life you would like to improve on.

As you go into the new year try setting goals instead of resolutions. Resolutions tend to vanish once you accomplish them. You implement a plan, reflect, have progress and setbacks, and actively work toward a goal. Goals are something that you can set for yourself whenever you see the need for a change. It does not matter whether you implement a change in your life on January 1st or May 25th, you are the one who determines when to make a difference, not the calendar.

Going into the new year I am setting these goals for myself:

1) Continue to grow my relationship with God.

2)Get rid of whatever does not make you happy anymore.

3)Get more involved on campus in organizations that you are truly passionate about. 

4) Go to the gym more.

5) More studying, Less partying!

6) Take time to invest in friendships and meet new people.

7)Enjoy the company, scenery, moment around you. The tweet, snapchat, or insta can wait.

8) More positive self- talk!

9) Do at least one random act of kindness a day.

10) Start journaling every day, again.

11) Write and publish at least one quality blog post weekly.

 I hope my goals were able to get you to start brainstorming your goals for 2016. Here’s to 2016! Happy New Year’s Eve everyone.


Ta Ta for now! Talk you you next year



Less Stress and More Success During Finals Week

Hello beautiful people!

Long time no talk. I hope you all are doing well. Many colleges and universities are dwindling down to the end of Fall Semester. This means finals week either has or is rapidly approaching. DUN DUN DUN.

A lot of students get super freaked out during this time. But I have wonderful news; this week is only as stressful as you want to be. You may not have control over how many finals you have or when you have to take them– but you do have control over your attitude towards them and how much you prepare. So without further a due here are my tips for Less Stress and More Success During Finals Week:


tumblr_inline_mysz7gyzP91qz7z7cDon’t be a Phoebe!
At least two weeks before finals start mapping out how much time you plan on alotting to each test(be honest with yourself). Here is the strategy that I use. First, I print out a weekly calendar template with three weeks in order to plan out everything I have left for the semester. Plug in all your finals first.  Then you can start prioritizing your study time. Think of factors such as: Is this a major class? Is my grade borderline? Is this a general education class? Once you have your finals prioritize everyday set short-term goals of what you are going to accomplish for the day. I also use my normal planner to map out my daily schedule in order to keep me on track

Here are some free weekly printables I use to keep me on track:

Screen Shot 2015-12-04 at 12.11.10 PM

Take Care of Yourself.

You cannot perform to your best ability if you are not sleeping, eating crap, and not taking care of your body. Push yourself during finals week but know your limits. All nighters are not your friend! Studies show that by pulling all nighters your grades are actually lower, your study habits are less effective, and your memory is worse than if you would have just gone to sleep. If you prepare adequately you will not have to stay up all night long. Be confident in yourself and that you know the material. Do not overkill.

Bribe yourself


Since I am a coffee fanatic, one way I get myself to study is bribing myself with coffee. For example, complete X amount of things on your to do list before treating yourself to coffee. Find what works for you and let that be your motivating factor.


Do not forget to take breaks.

Yoga, dinner with friends, or calling your mom are all great ways to take a break from studying. This week can get intense. Be sure to also schedule yourself time to rest and relax so you can power through.

Surround Yourself with Positive People.


I don’t know about you but I really genuinely feed off of others’ vibes, whether they are positive or negative. Finals week is not the week to be around Negative Nancys. You cannot change the fact that we have finals so you might as well make the best of it. I guarantee you that you are more likely to have a positive outcome if you start with a positive mindset. Your mind is a very powerful tool, use it correctly.


And if all else fails as a de-stressor, watch funny videos:

Happy Finals week everyone! Remember, it always seems impossible until it’s done. You got this.

What are some strategies you use during finals week in order to be successful?

Fall Essentials

Happy Fall!

Let me preface by saying that I love all things fall. What’s not to the love? From the crisp weather, the crunchy leaves, the new candle scents, pumpkin spice everything, the holidays, and most of all the fashion.

Fall Fashion Essentials

Fall gives you a lot of wiggle room. You can wear dark vampy colors, or light nudes, you can go dramatic with a fur vest, or play it simple with a flannel. That is the beauty of fall.

Since I am Fall’s biggest advocate I figured I would share with you all pieces that everyone should have in their closet this fall.


Maroon is one of the best fall colors. It can be worn up top, on the lip, nails, or as accessories.

Everyone needs an over sized cardigan for days when you just are not feeling but still want to look presentable. (Bonus points if you can find this item at a thrift store). The next must have is a good pair of maroon jeans. Maroon jeans can spice up any dull look. If you think your outfit still could use some more color then incorporate maroon accessories.

Lip color: Lolita by  Kat Von D.

Nail Color: Midnight in Moscow by OPI.

Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 10.48.52 AM

Nude:Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 11.57.36 AM



For all my Scandal fans out there you have probably gotten googly eyed over Olivia Pope’s lovely trench coats before. A nude trench coat is essential for the fall. For days when you do not want to be a gladitor, a simple nude sweater makes for  a casual yet chic look. Fur vests belong in everyone’s closet! They can be dressed up for a night on the town or dressed down for class. Lastly, oxfords can be paired with any of these looks.


Nail color: Bubble Bath by OPI (my go to manicure color)

Lip Color: Bow N’ Arrow by Kat Von D


Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 11.45.23 AM

Olive is one of those colors that does not get the appreciation is deserves until fall! When you are looking for accessories to polish up your fall look– Olive may be the way to go. This color has a lot of versatility. Olive looks great with grey, black, nude, mauve, and more.


What are your fall essentials?

What items do you have to have in your closet this fall?


Ta Ta for now! I promise it won’t be so long until the next time 😉


Five Minute Face

Happy Monday Beautiful!

Today I did a make up tutorial for days when you want to put in minimal effort but still look bomb in case you run in to your future hubby on campus. Check it out here:



Ta Ta for now!